Creativity in management and leadership studies

November 28, 2007

sleeping-giant.jpgCreativity is often said to be a vital part of modern management. Yet it remains a fringe-topic within undergraduate business degree courses, and is rarely integrated with components on leadership

Creativity has been described as the sleeping giant of business studies. Yet it can be seen to have relevance for many parts of the business curriculum such as marketing, strategy, innovation and new product development, organization studies, operations and technology management. Its relevance to leadership is becoming increasingly noted.

The following questions provide a starting point for testing subject awareness and for building an introductory lecture.

(1) How would you define creativity?

(2) Can you name a theory which explains creativity?

(3) What proportion of people would you say are creative?

(4) What has madness, mystery, and magic to do with creativity?

(5) Name an industry famed for its creative discoveries for over a century?

(6) Where does creativity fit into Tuckman’s model of team development?

(7) How was Tuckman’s model modified to explain creative teams at work?

(8) Which industries are growing the most rapidly in the 21st century?

(9) Whose work helps explain intrinsic motivation?

(10) Whose work helps explain creative clusters?


The presentation on creativity in management which I’ve placed on slideshare

Sternberg and Amabile have made substantial contributions, as have others whose work has been covered here, and will be again in future posts.

Thanks to Alex Hough for the historical video on the Madchester Scene (U tube, 10 minute play), and tribute to iconic figure Tony Wilson.